Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Book Title : Gifted
Author : Nikita Lalwani
Year Published : 2007
Date I Read : 5 May 2012
My Rating : 5/10


Story of a Maths Prodigy who made it to Oxford at the age of 13 and her times with her difficult family

What I thought about the book

The story was catchy. But the narration was poor. I later read that it is based on the life of Sufiah Yusof who was also a Maths Prodigy who made it to Oxford, then ended up being a prostitute after not being able to take the pressure.

In our library there are books on display in the front with themes that change every week. This week was books with birthday/gift/party etc as theme and that is how I ended up with this one. The other theme was books with blue cover :-) that is my next book.

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