Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Angela's Ashes

I am taking a break from trying to write a review. Reason being - I am not able to write... I wanted to do this blog to try and learn to write. But it is not going in the right direction. So will try again later. For now, I will continue to list books I read, rate them and take part in challenges that I have taken up....

Thanks for understanding....

Book Title : Angela's Ashes
Author : Frank McCourt
Year Published : 1996
Date I Read : 20 May 2012
My Rating : 10/10

It was a perfect book for me. The language was simple and perfect. It is a heart breaking story. Every page will send you into a depression (if you are like me, my moods get influenced by the books that I read). But it is all worth it at the end. A perfect 10/10 book

I cannot believe I owned this book for 5 years and read it only now. I bought it in a sale for just 50 cents way back when we were on US. Luckily packed it along with the very few books that I brought along. Thanks to the challenge of reading from bookshelf I read it and am so glad I did. Best book I have read.....

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Matchbreaker

Book Title : The Matchbreaker
Author : Chris Manby
Year Published : 2006
Date I Read : 8 May 2012
My Rating : 4/10


A spoilt rich girl on a mission to break up her fathers wedding

What I thought about the book

A quick read. No brainer book. I would not have been so disappointed had it not been for the fact that the protagonist seems to be missing the obvious fact as to who the guy she is dating is. That kind of forms the flow of the story. As we know (having  heard it been told to her) about it, it is quite irritating.

Was my filler after I finished Pigeon English. Can't read 2 sad books back to back.

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Book Title : Gifted
Author : Nikita Lalwani
Year Published : 2007
Date I Read : 5 May 2012
My Rating : 5/10


Story of a Maths Prodigy who made it to Oxford at the age of 13 and her times with her difficult family

What I thought about the book

The story was catchy. But the narration was poor. I later read that it is based on the life of Sufiah Yusof who was also a Maths Prodigy who made it to Oxford, then ended up being a prostitute after not being able to take the pressure.

In our library there are books on display in the front with themes that change every week. This week was books with birthday/gift/party etc as theme and that is how I ended up with this one. The other theme was books with blue cover :-) that is my next book.

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Pigeon English

Book Title : Pigeon English
Author : Stephen Kelman
Year Published : 2011
Date I Read : 30 Apr 2012
My Rating : 6/10

Theme (Spoiler Warning!!!!)

From the book cover - 
Newly arrived from Ghana with his mother and older sister, eleven-year-old Harrison Opoku lives on the ninth floor of a block of flats on an inner-city housing estate. The second best runner in the whole of Year 7, Harri races through his new life in his personalised trainers - the Adidas stripes drawn on with marker pen - blissfully unaware of the very real threat all around him. With equal fascination for the local gang - the Dell Farm Crew - and the pigeon who visits his balcony, Harri absorbs the many strange elements of his new life in England: watching, listening, and learning the tricks of urban survival. But when a boy is knifed to death on the high street and a police appeal for witnesses draws only silence, Harri decides to start a murder investigation of his own. In doing so, he unwittingly endangers the fragile web his mother has spun around her family to try and keep them safe. A story of innocence and experience, hope and harsh reality, Pigeon English is a spellbinding portrayal of a boy balancing on the edge of manhood and of the forces around him that try to shape the way he falls.

What I thought about the book

It is narrated in the voice of the 11 year old. I kind of liked that. It kind of gave the same feel as I was reading the book - the room.

It is a little sad at times. But since it is from the point of view of a little one, there are lot of fun moments where you will get a laugh

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