Friday, 3 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Book Title : Fifty Shades of Grey
Author : E L James
Year Published : 2011
Date I Read : 28 July 2012
My Rating : 01/10

Thus continues my series of horrible reads. Each worse that the previous one. This is the first of the series of erotica - popularly called as Mommy Porn. It is no : 1 rated in all the book charts. Though I am not an erotica kind of person, a no:1  seller kind of attracted me to this book.

Spoiler Warning!!

The book begins with the story of a college graduate interviewing a young business man - girl attracted to the man. the man for some reason attracted to her. and then we get to the story - he wants her to be his sex slave and she is in love with him so is ready to do anything (or so we are led to believe).. then we get a full description of sex games they play with their toys.. the girl has serious self esteem issues and the guy is a psycho..

Thankfully I am not reading the rest of the series. In this one, she did not quite agree to sign the agreement making her the submissive. In the next one apparently he will modify the agreement and we are on again for more drama.


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Animal's People

Book Title : Animal's People
Author : Indra Sinha
Year Published : 2007
Date I Read : 20 july 2012
My Rating : 04/10

Animal's people is set in the aftermath of Bhopal Tragedy. It is an incident that brings tears to my heart. If you want to read about the tragedy - pick up 'Five Minutes Past Midnight in Bhopal'. It is a heart breaking book about everything that went wrong on that day and the days before.

Anyways, coming to this book. I felt it was a sick book. The protagonist was a crippled guy with very low character. Full of foul language and not a least bit moving.


Book Title : Inheritance
Author : Christopher Paolini
Year Published : 2011
Date I Read : 15 july 2012
My Rating : 02/10

This is the book 4 of the Inheritance Cycle written by Christopher Paolini. Thus ends the worst book that I have ever read. you have to imagine my plight. I have already read 3 and though I did not quite like the way the books were written, the story line was interesting. The theme was heavily copied from all the fantasy fictions around. I have not read many - but I could sense lord of the rings, harry potter and bartemaeus in the narration.

The book is 800+ pages long.... He goes on and on about god knows what... 

Please spare yourselves and give this series a skip