Friday, 3 August 2012

Animal's People

Book Title : Animal's People
Author : Indra Sinha
Year Published : 2007
Date I Read : 20 july 2012
My Rating : 04/10

Animal's people is set in the aftermath of Bhopal Tragedy. It is an incident that brings tears to my heart. If you want to read about the tragedy - pick up 'Five Minutes Past Midnight in Bhopal'. It is a heart breaking book about everything that went wrong on that day and the days before.

Anyways, coming to this book. I felt it was a sick book. The protagonist was a crippled guy with very low character. Full of foul language and not a least bit moving.

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  1. Hi Roshni, I hadn't read this book and now after reading your review, I think that I will skip it. Thanks for sharing this.