Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Angela's Ashes

I am taking a break from trying to write a review. Reason being - I am not able to write... I wanted to do this blog to try and learn to write. But it is not going in the right direction. So will try again later. For now, I will continue to list books I read, rate them and take part in challenges that I have taken up....

Thanks for understanding....

Book Title : Angela's Ashes
Author : Frank McCourt
Year Published : 1996
Date I Read : 20 May 2012
My Rating : 10/10

It was a perfect book for me. The language was simple and perfect. It is a heart breaking story. Every page will send you into a depression (if you are like me, my moods get influenced by the books that I read). But it is all worth it at the end. A perfect 10/10 book

I cannot believe I owned this book for 5 years and read it only now. I bought it in a sale for just 50 cents way back when we were on US. Luckily packed it along with the very few books that I brought along. Thanks to the challenge of reading from bookshelf I read it and am so glad I did. Best book I have read.....

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