Friday, 20 April 2012

The World of Nagaraj

Book Title : The World of Nagaraj
Author : R K Narayan
Year Published : 1990
Date I Read : 19 Apr 2012
My Rating : 5/10


The World of Nagaraj is the story of Nagaraj living a quite life with the wife Sita and his widowed mother. he has inherited money and so does nothing but sit around or gossip around the town of Malgudi. Things don't continue like that for long.

What I thought about the book

It is a typical RK Narayan story set in the imaginary town of Malgudi. It is hilarious reading about the daily activities of Nagaraj. He is a very quite person who cannot stand up for himself which makes his encounters with other people including his elder brother Gopu somewhat funny.

RK Narayan is one of those authors I always feel that I should like. It is like PG Woodhouse. I always want to enjoy them. But somehow I never enjoy them as much as I want to... It is not my kind of book, I guess.

If you like RK Narayan, this one is really really good one.

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