Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Shack

Book Title         : The Shack
Author               : William P Young
Year Published  : 2007
Date I Read      : 08 Apr 2012
My Rating         : 3/10


Mack a father of 5 kids takes 3 of his kids camping. While trying to save 2 of his kids from a sinking Canoe, his little daughter goes missing. The story we read takes place a few years after this incident when Mack gets a letter from GOD asking him to come to the Shack where the last evidence of his daughter was found. We travel back to the past to read the story of what happened in the camp site and also what happens in the present.

What I thought about it
The part where we read about the past was interesting. Even the present was readable till we get to the point where GOD appears to him as an Black lady (Father), a jewish man (Jesus) and a Chinese looking woman (Holy Spirit). From then on it is a book on Christianity and its teachings. I guess if you are looking for a spiritual read, this is a good book. Unfortunately I was not...

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