Friday, 2 March 2012

The Other Side of Me

Book Title         : The Other Side of Me
Author               : Sidney Sheldon
Year Published  : 2005
Date I Read      : 21 Feb 2012
My Rating         : 5/10


The Other Side of Me is an Autobiography of Sidney Sheldon. It is also his last book. He describes his early life, his depression and attempt to end his life. Then he moves on to be comes a successful Hollywood writer and later a producer and director. Then finally he becomes a novelist

What I thought about it

I was in my in laws house and had just finished a few books that I already had at hand. Now I was on the look out for new books. I guess this is why you should use a Kindle (We own one and my husband and I are not too keen on reading in it. more on that later.)

I picked up this book from a neighbor. To be honest I almost hated it at first and gave up on it. But picked it again cause I could not find anything else. It was not boring. It was just endless description of all the people he met and how someone gave him a chance to work and someone did not. I was like - why am I interested in it? Anyways, I did finish the book. I was surprised to read that writing novels was the last thing he did. After his film career ended.

Though I do not think highly of his books, I think as a beginner some 15 years ago, I did enjoy some of his books.

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