Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Folded Earth

Book Title         : The Folded Earth
Author               : Anuradha Roy
Year Published  : 2011
Date I Read      : 26 Feb 2012
My Rating         : 4/10

I was part of an Indian book reading club when we were in US and when I saw that this was the title they were reading I immediately asked my dad to pick this up. Reason -  I misread the title of the author as Arundhathi Roy. She is the author of the book - God of Small Things which won Booker Prize. She has not written a work of fiction since and I thought this was it. :-(

Later I realized that this was a different author. But I decided to give it a read since I have spent Rs.350 on the book. I really hated the book.

The book starts with the story of Maya who comes to live in Himalayas to find peace with herself after the death of her husband in the mountains during a hiking expedition. She helps a mountain girl Charu and lives in the house of a local Diwan Sahib. The book goes on to describe the life of Charu and her love life, her grandmother. We also see the life of Diwan Sahib. In the mean time Maya gets friendly with Diwan Sahib's nephew.

The book did not do it for me. It did not seem to have a direction. The narrative was boring. The worst part for me was how she crammed some story line in the last 20 pages to make up for the story missed in the first 300 pages.


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