Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why am I doing this?

As I start this blog, I have a few things in mind.

1. To read books and enjoy it.

2. Participate in some challenges so that it pushes me to do more.

3. Read reviews by fellow bloggers to get book ideas. This is kind of tricky. When it comes to book or movie, I am very particular not to know the story before I read. Even knowing what the flow is bothers me. My friends know that very well :-) So how do I read a review without reading story? I want to know if someone who read a book enjoyed it and I want to know why they enjoyed it cause that will help me decide if I will enjoy it....

4. I want to be able to write something about the book I read. That is the tough part. I have never written about any books though I read a lot. Hope you will be patient with me as I learn how to do this. And I am yet not too sure how to write without giving away too much (see #3 above). So I decided writing succinctly for now is the way to go.

How I rate books

Since I am going to attach a number to the books I read, I want to just write a word about what it means to me. I am rating out of 10.

1,2 - you will mostly not see these numbers. If the book is that bad, I would not have finished it.

3 - I barely survived. I hated it.

4 - There were a few bits that were ok. But still a bad book.

5 - An ok book. You can read it. Would not go and find it to read.

6 - A lot of books fall under this category. Just time pass. No negative

7 - I liked it.

8 - I loved it (If I rate 8, I highly recommend it).

9 - One of the best books read. (You may see one or 2 a year).

10 - The perfect book (I have almost never rated any book 10. I think I should have only 2-3 books in this category in my lifetime)

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