Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Burial at Sea

Book Title         : Burial at Sea
Author               : Kushwanth Singh
Year Published  : 2004
Date I Read      : 10 Jan 2012
My Rating         : 4/10


The story revolves around the main character Victor Jai Bhagwan, starting from his childhood leading on to his adult life. The setting is in pre and post independence India. Jai Bhagwan and his daughter Bharati resemble Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

What I thought about it

I saw this book in the library. I have read Train to Pakistan by Kushwant Singh a long time ago and really enjoyed reading it. That inspired me to pick this book up.

The book starts off ok and was an easy read. It describes Victor's childhood, his foreign education, come back to India etc. You will keep wondering where the story is leading to. Half way thru, the author seems to have forgotten what he was doing and starts describing Tantric Sex of Victor and Maa Durgeshwari, not to forget the seducing of his daughter Bharati by some yoga master. At some point I felt like I was reading some porno book, and that too written very bad. Save yourself and give it a pass.

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