Thursday, 26 January 2012

P.S I love you : Peter Sellers

Book Title         : P.S I love you : Peter Sellers
Author               : Micheal Sellers
Year Published  : 1981
Date I Read      : 24 Jan 2012
My Rating         : 5/10


This is the story of Peter Sellers (the actor) written by his son Micheal with his sister Sarah and half sister Victoria. He explores the relationship Peter Sellers had with his children, his 4 marriages, his film life, his illness, his depression and crazy behavior

What I thought about it

I saw a recommendation for the book PS I love you in one of my friend's facebook profile. She said the book brought tears to her eyes. I had skipped this book as a chic flik cause of the title. But when I saw her recommendation, I decided to give it a try. When I started reading it, I knew that it was not a chic flik. Little did I know that there is another book by the same title. Now I am pretty sure my friend was referring to the other one and not this one :-)

Though many people loved PS, I am sure if they knew this side of his they will hate him. I felt sad for the people who had to deal with him in his lifetime. I did not enjoy the book cause though Micheal claims that all of them loved PS, it came off as an effort by the kids to show the world what a bad man their dad really was.

I am not sure why this is happening to me. But the last 4-5 books that I have read have not even gone past rating of 5. This has never happened before. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next few.

Will catch you all soon with another review soon.

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